Simply Sheared

Custom shearing for all your fiber animals
Hey there. My name is Weston. I learned the art of Sheep Shearing a couple years ago. Due to the request of friends and family, I purchased some equipment and began shearing as a means to help out. Once the word got out that I had the ability and the tools, there has been much support for me and this craft here in BC! 

My partner and I live in the East Kootenays, but I work throughout the province seasonally, spending time on Vancouver Island, in the Lower mainland and in the North Okanagan. Being an avid knitter and novice spinner, my partner is a motivator behind my shearing (she really likes it when I bring home fresh-shorn, raw fleeces!).

So, if your fiber animals are in need of shearing, please send me an email. I would be thrilled to help out.
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